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Natural Quartz

Excellent properties of natural quartz materials

* high hardness: its abrasion resistance is second to none among all kinds of materials, with good chemical stability and strong acid and alkali resistance

* heat resistance is strong, can heat resistance above 1500 ℃, is an excellent refractory;

* excellent electrical insulation: widely used in electronic and electrical fields;

* strong antibacterial and antifouling: widely used in sewage treatment;

* good light transmission: excellent appearance decoration effect.

The water resistance, wear resistance and weather resistance of general waterborne coatings are three major bottlenecks.

Although quartz has excellent physical and chemical properties and is widely distributed on the earth, and materials are cheap and easy to obtain, quartz materials are easily agglomerated and agglomerated in water or organic solvents, and cannot truly achieve coating. In addition to specific industrial fields, the extensive use of quartz materials is greatly restricted.

The water-based coating with natural quartz powder as the filler is thoroughly solved through the special dispersion technology, which makes the wide application of quartz material become a reality and brings the excellent performance of this kind of environment-friendly and cheap material into full play.

Advanced nanomaterials dispersion technology

Our company worked with "Weiju" which is focusing on development and application of quartz materials. Our products applying the dispersion and surface treatment technology of nano powder and successfully turn into quartz paste with high solid content, long-term storage and stability of various particle sizes.
The addition of quartz slurry to waterborne coatings can fundamentally improved the properties of waterborne coatings, such as water resistance, wear resistance, weather resistance and drying speed.
Weiju environmental protection materials focusing on the in-depth development and application of quartz materials.
The founder of Weiju has made a breakthrough in the dispersion and surface treatment technology of nano powder by making use of his rich experience in studying abroad and engaging in the research and development of natural quartz powder materials for many years, and successfully prepared quartz paste with high solid content, long-term storage and stability of various particle sizes.  

The Performance of Quartz Slurry


Improve weather resistance

Natural quartz can resist almost all acids and bases except hydrofluoric acid at room temperature and effectively block ultraviolet rays. 


Improve drying speed

The nanoparticles in the quartz slurry have a huge surface area, only a small amount of water volatilizes after the coating construction, the concentration of nanoparticles rises to a certain extent, the particles quickly draw close to the film and reach the surface dry.

The surface drying rate of water-based coating with quartz slurry can be adjusted by the solid content of the coating.


Improve water resistance

Quartz particles of different micron and nanometer sizes are used to mix with each other to form a film layer formed by compact accumulation, which can effectively prevent water infiltration and protect the resin in the film layer from water corrosion.


Improve wear resistance

The hardness of coating is highly improved after added suitable amount of quartz slurry.





Suitable for acrylic emulsion, styrene acrylic emulsion, hydroxyl acrylic emulsion and other systems of water paint, such as wall paint, metal paint. (适用于水性丙烯酸、水性烃基丙烯酸等乳液体系中),  
(outdoor, surface coating)




Suitable for waterborne amino paint, waterborne epoxy emulsion system and other equipment from the metal coating and floor coating. (适用于水性环氧、水性聚氨酯、水性醇酸等水性乳液体系中)
(floor coating)




Suitable for water based coating
(industrial application coating)




Suitable for water based coating
(wood coating, under testing)




Suitable for water based coating (适用于
(varnish, lacquer)