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Quartz slurry M-02

Selected high quality, high purity quartz stone into ultrafine powder, the use of our company's unique surface treatment technology to prepare stable dispersion of quartz paste in water.

1. Appearance: tasteless, non-toxic, translucent jelly - like emulsion

2. Particle size:20-50 µm

3. PH:7.5-8.5

4. Viscosity: 70-80 seconds (4 cups, 25 ° C. viscosity after 5 minutes of stirring)

5. composition:
SiO2: 68.0%±2.0,
Methanol + ethanol <1% (when there is a demand for zero-voc, please inform us in advance and make special preparations)
Water: 30.0%±2
Heavy metal ion: 0
Non-volatile components: 72%±2

6. Application:
Added to waterborne coatings, the hardness, weather resistance, water resistance and chemical corrosion resistance of the film can be improved. And can shorten drying time.M2 quartz size is especially suitable for waterborne amino paint, waterborne epoxy emulsion system and other equipment from the metal coating and floor coating.
The compatibility of quartz slurry M2 with water-based coatings varies greatly due to different paint formulations and applications. The actual application characteristics of the coatings need to be tested and confirmed by the coating manufacturer.
Increasing the dosage of quartz pulp M2 can significantly improve the coating's anti-corrosion properties (such as resistance to strong acid, strong solvent solubility).
Under the appropriate formulation conditions, quartz pulp M1 can make the water-based coating dry and form a dense film structure, in the wear-resistant, anticorrosive, weather-resistant and waterproof properties than similar oil paint.
Stir for 5 minutes before use to make the slurry fluidity for feeding operation.

7. Recommended dosage: 5%-30%, the gloss of the film is basically not affected within 20%, the most appropriate dosage in actual use needs to be determined by the user according to the actual demand, which is not affected by this recommendation.

8. Storage and transportation:
when the lid is not opened, it can be used within one year after being stored at -20° C to 40° C. It can be used up within 3 days after being opened.
This product is non-flammable liquid, which can be transported according to relevant specifications.

9. Packing: 60kg, 250kg in plastic drum.