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Quartz slurry M-03

Selected high quality, high purity quartz stone into ultrafine powder, the use of our company's unique surface treatment technology to prepare stable dispersion of quartz paste in water.

1. Appearance: tasteless, non-toxic, translucent jelly - like emulsion

2. Particle size:200-20000(nm)

3. PH:7-8

4. Viscosity: 45-55 seconds (4 cups, 25 ° C. viscosity after 5 minutes of stirring)

5. composition:
SiO2: 68.0%±2.0,
Methanol + ethanol <1% (when there is a demand for zero-voc, please inform us in advance and make special preparations)
Water: 30.0%±2
Heavy metal ion: 0
Non-volatile components: 76%±1

7. Recommended dosage: 5%-30%, the gloss of the film is basically not affected within 20%, the most appropriate dosage in actual use needs to be determined by the user according to the actual demand, which is not affected by this recommendation.

8. Storage and transportation:
when the lid is not opened, it can be used within one year after being stored at -20° C to 40° C. It can be used up within 3 days after being opened.
This product is non-flammable liquid, which can be transported according to relevant specifications.

9. Packing: 60kg, 250kg in plastic drum.